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Pardon the once again racing related story, the season's nearly over and for those still hanging on to every last minute then be sure and check out CX Magazine's USAC CX Race Resource Page. From there you can find videos, results, interviews, etc. As results from Colorado riders come in we will be sure to update this page... and feel free to add comments if we are late or don't post.

Colorado Results

Colorado Riders

  • Teal Stetson-Lee 1st Womens Collegiate
  • Fort Lewis grabs team omnium
  • Brady Kappius 3rd Collegiate
  • Katie Compton 1st Elite Women
  • Meredith Miller 2nd Elite Women
  • Amy Dombroski 3rd Elite Women
  • Alison Dunlap 4th Elite Women
  • Grant Berry (Durango) 1st 30-34
  • Matthew Pacocha 2nd 30-34
  • Jonathan Baker 1st, 35-39
  • Danny Summerhill 1st Under 23
  • Peter Weber!!! 1st men 40-44
  • Ward Baker 4th men 40-44
  • Darron Cheek 4th 40+ men's B
  • Karen Hogan women 45-49
  • Gary Thacker 55-59 1st
  • Michael Robson 2nd Men's B 40+
  • Walt Axthelm 75-79 1st
  • Jane Finsterwald 2nd 50-54
  • Zane Godby 2nd 15-16 men
  • Mina Anderburg 1st 10-12 girls
  • Gage Hecht 10-12 men
  • Martha Iverson 60-64 women
    Skyler Trujillo 17-18 men's 3rd

Photos & Press

Day 1: Masters Men 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+

Day 1: B’s, Men and Women

Day 2, jr.s and top end Masters

Photo Credit USA Cycling (I think)

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News Item: 


It's an open race

The master's races at Nationals are open - no reason for guys racing in the open category all year to not race their age group at Nats. That's not poaching. Part of going to Nationals is racing against the fastest guys in the US - it's a great opportunity. You can still go out and get a result - Ward Baker pulled a 4th place in 40-44.

Speaking for myself, I like racing against all the fastest guys, and I think others in the master field agree.

Nationals Categories

I see no problem with the Pro 1/2 guys racing in their age groups. It's a lot of fun beating a bunch of guys who are supposedly faster than you, see Ward Baker's 4th place. If you want to claim an "Age Group National Champion" you better let any one of that age in.
The problem I have is guys or gals who are racing in the Elite race also racing the B race. I think USAC needs to fix this. Let the B racers have there due at Nationals weekend. I just think USAC needs to define what a B racer is, I personally think it should be reserved for racers not holding Cat 1/2/Pro licenses. Just my opinion.

National Championship is a farce

No qualification needed to race in any category other than age

Seeding by who signed up first and by favoritism of the promoter.

A National Championships in a real sport has a qualification procedure.

If a Cat1 2 can race the age group even a B race is joke, so why not a 3 racing the Elite race?

The only reason I see the 1st 2 listed above is that USAC is an outdated organization, with ineffectual lazy admins with only real objective is $$ for promoters and protecting their cushy jobs, by defecting any shortcomings rather than dealing with it.

Thursday crashfest

Some eye candy from Thursday race, Word on the street (course) is that it is very icy and slick. This from one of Colorado rider there....

"The course is wicked icy and brutal. Doesn't look like well get any melt. Two paramedics were called out yesterday during our race. The race was very chaotic with 160 starters. I think we did 8 laps and were hitting lapped riders probably 3 laps in. Announers begging riders to get off the course. Fun course and Bend is a cool town."

CO Jr.s at Nationals

I can add a few from some of the Jr M categories:
Jr 10-12:
7th 80pts Cade Bickmore 27:42:00 Boulder Junior Cycling
Jr 13-14:
15th 40pts Ben Hogan 25:24:00 Boulder Junior Cycling
19th 32pts Maxx Chance 26:20:00 Boulder Junior Cycling
27th Adin Baird 29:03:00 Flatiron Flyers
28th Stephen Haas 29:14:00 Black Sheep

Jr 15-16:
4th 105 pts Michael Dessau 34:55:00 Team 5280/slipstream
12th 55 pts Dean Haas 37:04:00 Black Sheep
28th 17 pts Spencer Downing 39:36:00 Boulder Junior Cycling
34th 11 pts Ian McPherson 41:54:00 Boulder Junior Cycling

(apologies to anyone else I missed)