Colorado Velodrome Association's 2009 Race Schedule

No question about it, the first race of the season at last nights Boulder Velodrome has really got folks excited about racing on the track, or at least being a more active spectator. Missy Thompson, a former track star herself believes that excitement like that at the track last night will get more folks to take the trek down to the Springs in the summer to race there. And if you are one of those folks then you can start planning now because the Colorado Velodrome Association just published their 2009 CVA racing schedule. This schedule will be added to the Colorado Cycling Calendar in the next few days.

Check out Greg Keller's coverage of last nights race

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I don't think they ever have weekend races there

Those in the know please correct me if I am wrong but I don't think they ever really ran weekend races, with a few exceptions. That track is there for the purpose of the OTC, not plan old Joe the cyclist like you and me. It is however open on the weekend.... sometimes... have to call ahead and make sure the OTC doesn't have something planned

Master's Districts

Hi -

I am planning my summer vacation. I live over here in Dayton, OH and I have a sister who lives in CS. Hoping that I can coincide a visit with an event on the track - the kilo. The calendar shows a Masters Districts in early August. Does anybody know if they let 'out-of-competition' entries in that event, i.e. can I crash your party (well, hopefully not the crash part)? I did it last year at T-Town during there district championships.

Anybody I should be corresponding with?


Karl Borneman, Dayton, OH
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