2009 Colorado State Cyclocross Championships

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Peter Weber wins Men's Open!!!

In hindsight I wish I would have interviewed him... so much to tell there! I remember getting my first CX bike from Peter like 12 yrs ago and then something like 2-3 years later he retired... and now today was his return to success! Brandon Dwight lost by Peter by about 2 inches... My money is back on Brandon in PDX.

Colorado Cyclocross State Championship - Men's Open from Lenny Maiorani on Vimeo.

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I loved the CO CX champs race!

I realize that the course was slippery and difficult, but please do not take it out on the promoter. They laid out a great course that was interesting (and different) had great parking, bathrooms, and free Hot Choc!!! As many have said, the course was the same for everybody in your category, so there was no unfair advantage to be found.

We are extremely lucky to have such a great variety of courses here in CO, and should consider that when the promoters are out putting in the long hours to secure races at new venues. I'd love to do another race at that venue, but can't wait to clip in at another new set of venues next year!

The only safety issue that I noticed was the ACA Ford Exploder parked in the starting straight... I know that we have been striving for consistency with numbers on the left every race this season, but it would have been much more safe to have that vehicle on the other side of the course...

Why have the spiral of death?

In my opinion a cyclocross race course consists of 4 different types of sections 1) Transition (getting from point A to point B) 2) endurance / climb 3) technical and 4) running/sand/barriers. A great course will have a good mix of all four types of sections. I actually detail on a spreadsheet the sections in order for each course I race, and then rate the course overall (I am that warped).

As for the spiral of death, I don't think it falls in any of the 4 categories. Maybe it could be considered technical, but not really. I would have preferred switchbacks.

That being said, I applaud the course designers and think they deserve every penny they get. I put my 2 cents in here just because I have an opinion, not the critize or complain. We all owe not only the designers but all the judges, announcer, starters, etc a hefty thanks for putting all these great races on so we have something to obsess over.5

Another opinion

I actually liked the course - thought it would have been boring without snow - basically a parking lot race. That being said, the preparation was less than expected for a BCR/BCT race, and definitely less than should be required for State Championships.

- Ice on the pavement sections for juniors - bring de-icer and salt to melt this stuff down. Just too dangerous. Only for the pavement - ice/snow on the dirt is what it is - nothing to do about that.
- Plowed snow on sidewalk - the only path thru the foot high plowed snow on the sidewalk were tire tracks from driving a truck thru them. Weak - lots of crashes happened here, and it should have been cleared.
- Course definition - prior to 35+ race, there wasn't much help in telling us that our course was different than the juniors. Some guy tried telling us where to go at the start line, but they should have a guy to tell people warming up what the deal is.
- Marshalling - lots of people wandering across the coned sections of the course early on - later put tape up, but was sketchy at first.
- Pit - no real definition on the pit entrance, exit, etc. Not a big deal, but not what you'd see at a "bigger" race.

I agree that more proven promoters should have States. I believe its between CG and Brian next year - I think both are good options.

Great Race!

Well, I'll chime in, since everyone else is, and say that I thought the course was awesome. It is always good to see bike handling skills (in addition to a big motor) rewarded once in a while.

I would pick a challenging course like that, in those conditions, any day, over the Harlow Platts/South Boulder grass course.

And people complaining about the number of dismounts... REALLY?! You do realize that this is cyclocross... right?

I guess it is always easy to rant under the veil of anonymity.

And my constructive criticism (as others have said) would be to get the ACA vehicle out of the start straight, and to delineate the pit a little more.

Another Twist

From the ACA Forum:
"So I don't understand how during the entire CX season, SM 55+ has start times of 1:45-1:50 (with one or two exceptions) and for the State Championships, they put in a non recognized category (Clydesdales) that start closer to the time we would normally have and push our start back to 3:40 - It's almost going to be dark by the time we finish. Considering this is the State Championships...1) why have a non recognized category racing in it? and 2) why move start times for legitimate categories to insert this non recognized category? Either start the Clydesdales last after everything or have them race at 8:00 in the morning.
I think this was really a poorly made decision to allow this. Any other race during the year and I would not have an issue with it. But not at the State Championships"

Being the promoter of the race, we flat out had to look at the numbers for the race. The 55+ along with the 35+ Womens and Cat 4 Women was the smallest race, and that is one of the reasons why it was put last on the day. It is much easier to clean up when there are less people at the end of the day, than to wait and try to clear people and then clean up. As it was, we were cleaning up for a couple hours in the dark. Secondly, and being selfish, I am a singlespeeder and wanted some time to recover after the race before going and doing the clean up. I guess that comes with the "priveledge" of promoting the race. Whatever category gets put at the tail end of the race is never going to be happy.
And why the hate on the Clydes? Seems to me these are they guys that are having the most fun out on the course now days. With the lower numbers in the category 4 races, which I would think may be due to the afternoon time slot they have been getting, running a Clydesdale category with them makes sense. Seems like it is working in other parts of the country.

Reply to above:
That doesn't jibe when you look at the results (ignoring juniors). Several groups were smaller than the M55/W35/W4, including Men 4 and Men open. This is true not only for yesterday's race but also for other races this year.

SM35+4: 76
SM3/SS: 63
M45+/SW open: 57
M35+: 41
M55+/W35+/SW4: 36
SM4: 33
SM open: 32

It was alright

The course I thought was alright kinda fun an a skinny wheel bike, dangerous sections are you kidding me? Were? The off camber stuff was fun always passing there and jumped/rode the log on the straight every lap. Though I do not consider myself a CX'r, I coach many CX'rs but race DH and Super D oh yeah State Champ 30+ this year. The plan was to keep it fun and play in the snow before I go in for shoulder surgery next week. So decided 4 weeks ago to go cross after hunting season. Starting in the last row of the 45+ with 3 other that had no points for a call up on the grid finished 4th on a borrowed bike 2 sizes too big for me. My only real grip is that the females should not race on the same course while the men or the other way around are racing sorry gals luv to see you all out there racing and wish there were more like in Portland were there 160+ gals out there every weekend. You all should have your own race as the 45+ should have as well being 48-50 45+ starters. I was making a last charge up to 2nd place on the run up and DH off camber section when 2 gals were running DH the section another went down in front of me another decided to dismount or ride the top tube down, I went down as my rear brakes was undone and I didn't want to mow any of you over. Dropped from solid 3rd to 4th but that's racing. All in all good times. Maybe see you all next year.

States course and conditions

After seeing the course at Ntls from the handlebar cams, I thought it looked pretty mundane and boring compared to our States course. They have one manufactured stairs section and one barrier section, the rest is just a big ice/dirt/grass crit with some minor turns, not even much for 180's. Give me the death spiral any day! I dont feel like I missed anything by not going to Ntls.

For those who complained about the icy and dangerous course we had at State, Bend should be a wake up call. I bet you money the people in Bend racing from CO feel like the States course was a pretty good 'warm up' and their off cambers, etc appear to be a lot more icy. Check it all out at cxmagazine.com

Thanks IC3 again for a great course and venue for 09 States!

CO CX - Get involved!

While I've read the comments - good and bad - about the course, the venue, and the promoter, I think that there are two good points to raise.

First, all the "negative" comments and criticisms are good things to hear and take in for next year. Whether it's the same promoter or someone else, it's good information for anyone hosting a race. Someone said "you can't please everyone - someone will always be unhappy" and that's pretty much true. However, trying to accommodate as many as possible will keep more coming back!

Second, if you have something to add or contribute - positive or negative - GET IN THE GAME! Volunteer at an event here and there and have your voice be heard at the ACA meetings. Sending an email is not enough to cut it! If you feel strongly about wanting a change in time of day, venues, or even course layouts, get involved! Meet the sponsors, help them out and give your input. Change will come with your involvement and every race could use a few more people to marshall the course.

The rewards are there for those who help out and get involved!