2009 Colorado State Cyclocross Championships

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Peter Weber wins Men's Open!!!

In hindsight I wish I would have interviewed him... so much to tell there! I remember getting my first CX bike from Peter like 12 yrs ago and then something like 2-3 years later he retired... and now today was his return to success! Brandon Dwight lost by Peter by about 2 inches... My money is back on Brandon in PDX.

Colorado Cyclocross State Championship - Men's Open from Lenny Maiorani on Vimeo.

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if only race promotion was a get rich quick plan. . .

People that think race promoters are running to the bank rich have never promoted an event. . . or even talked to someone that has. Way more behind the scenes that you can imagine. I used to think race promotion was a sweet deal. Especially cross. Set up some stakes in a barren field and you're done. Sounds really easy.

It can be good. Other times it sucks ass. With the exception of states, which ensures a reasonable turnout, it's also a big risk. There were some races with tiny fields this season. It's easy to see stakes in the ground and yellow tape and think, "oh, nothing to it." I invite anybody who has not put on a race to do one or two or three. Not saying you won't be successful, but I am saying, you may find more barriers than you think(no pun intended).

I'm sorry people went to the ER (which can happen at any race, anywhwere, anytime). I chose to race in a snow storm at Bear Creek Park last year. I fell over 15 times on hard ice. My choice. Nobody's fault. Ice is, well. . .slippery.

Mechanicals? We're complaining about mechanicals? I had a mechanical. Someone put a goathead on the state championship course that promptly ended up in my front tire. Should I get my money back? Should I get an honorary state championship because people feel sorry for my flat tire or muddy deraileur? Nope. That's life.

Just my $0.02. (BTW, I'm not today's promoter, just a racer)

Get rich=no, worth the

Get rich=no, worth the effort=yes, accountable to the consumer/racer=should be. I helped put on a race, and spent approx $500 on cross races, 18 races at $25 plus Blue Sky $43, and another that was more than $25. That is one racer spending $500 and expecting courses and venues up to standards. I am wondering if racers thought the state championships course was up to state championships standards. I would give a thumbs down.

Ok.... All of what people

Ok.... All of what people are seeing as complaining aside - as a newbie, i dont know and need to ask - why or how was these race promoters (who i dont have any problem with in general, all promoters are saints imho) ...how/why where they given the states race when many others appeAr to me at least put on a much higher caliber event (boulder racing for example)? Im not even close to the front of the field but if i was, i would be disappointed a championship event was like this. If thats just how it is, it moves around from group to group, course to course, thats totally fine.. But how is it decided?

Mother Nature is a Bitch

Ya, Mother Nature's a bitch and she shined her ugly ass on the state course. My personal opinion was due to the conditions caused by Mother Nature the course was difficult and dangerous... but that's my opinion, I don't think Peter Weber or any others who podiumed today think the same. I did race 07 National Champs in KC on Saturday in the 30-34 field and that was by far the evilest race I have EVER done and it was UCI certified. Those course conditions and immediate weather conditions were so evil that I never was able to get my HR above 155 (176 at the time was LT for me)... I was pulled a sad 2 laps into the race. Boy was I pissed! I never really got a chance to race! But that was the same race where Brandon Dwight won... I don't think he was pissed by the conditions... more like a gift from Mother Nature. The beauty in cross is that every course just on pure design alone has a unique behavior that may or my not fit well to a riders skills then you throw in Mother Nature and things can get real interesting. Personally I do well when you have a physically demanding course like Schoolyard Cross was this year.. hence I won. I think if you follow us on twitter you will notice how much this year I have been complaining about Mother Nature but again that's only because I'm not a great mud rider, those who can navigate the mud well have probably been thanking her. I'm not complaining about the course, and I won't be stepping up to put on a race next year and nor will I show up to the ACA meeting that discussion the 10 calendar, I appreciate all the efforts put on by the promotors in Colorado, regardless of whether you are putting on an "A" race or "B" race. For me the 2009 state course was epic and had it been 10 degrees warmer or rained things would be totally different with a different set of riders complaining about it.

have to agree with the state

have to agree with the state champ, i thought the course was great given the temps and snow, well done to the guys who stepped up and put it on and it's nice to have another new venue. Loved the 180's, dismounts and the spiral. I admit if got more tricky (i raced 3's) as it got colder but if the designers were to take the interesting sections out it would be like a velodrome. Perhaps with some feedback they could have widened the icey descent (on the farside) to the right where the snow gave you some grip and also shoveled snow onto the next left turn which exited that section (again to give more grip). I can remember last yr at the bear creek race in the snow and ice Rus Kappius shoveled snow on some icey stuff and it really helped.

complainers. . .

Ok, I wasn't going to chime in but I can't take it. The course was sweet(even if not suited to my strengths). Say what you want about the spiral of death, it may be a gimmick, but we were still racing our cross bikes on dirt, so why complain?

As far as the "off-camber dangerous ice" complaints I will say this":

Bike racing is dangerous. I would further add that last week's Alpha cross (which was also freakin' sweet) had a ton of off camber and short steep pitches. If we had a snow storm 1-3 days before that race, a lot of those off camber sections would have been sketchy and a few uphills would have required a dismount. There would have been more crashes, slips, bobbles, injuries etc. That's just the luck of the draw.

It's cross and it's bike racing. It's also Colorado. Not all courses suit each rider, but different courses and variable weather is what makes cyclocross cyclocross. There are a number of courses I truly hate. Probably because they expose my weaknesses. Rather than faulting promoters, let's be thankful that there are enough of them to fill a race schedule.

Which brings me to my next question. . . is there anybody out there that hated today's course that would like to take on the responsibility of promoting a race next year?

With 300-500 people showing

With 300-500 people showing up at most races paying $25, rain or shine it did not seem that there was a lack of events this year, I don't forsee that problem next year either, there is significant financial incentive now, which I think is great, Dell makes geat computers and makes alot of money, I have no problem with that, make great computers make money. It is no longer charity putting on a race nor should the whiners be thankful. My point put on a quality event and course especially for a state championship, this course irregardless of weather and a little snow was the bottom 25% of course design this year.

pros opinions?

Are there any pros or ex-pros that have raced cross in regions with inclimate weather, maybe Belgium, Portland or New England that would like to chime in on the sketchiness of today's conditions? Was it too sketchy, or was it just a product of regional weather conditions?

It Is our Fault & Bad ACA Policy

1. Was anyone complaining here at the ACA annual meeting last December (at REI) when we voted on who woould host 2009 Cross States? If you guys were there why did you vote for a relatively unproven cross promoter and a brand new course? Grealish was late with his application and there was a vote to allow him onto to the ballet, for some insanse reason the vote was overwhelming no. So he does not get on, after doing a great job in the past, and now I see all the complaints. It is our own fault!

2. Why does the ACA even let a new course get used for States? That is nuts. It is a big event and you should be required to run at least 1 prior race on it, to get any issues worked out, and get real race feedback. Same thing should be true on the raod and for cross, if you want to hold states, you must have promoted on the course at least once before, and be an experienced, and well regarded (from the ACA race feedback survey) promoter.

excellent point

Absolutely true! Although I was fine with today's course, the fact is that most racers don't get involved, on any level. Other than signing up for races and complaining on this anonymous forum.

Sure it's our right to make complaints on this forum. But seriously, how many people will show up to the ACA meeting next year, or volunteer to make an already existing event even better next year?

My guess. . . the same exact people that took time away from their families and jobs to show up last year.