2009 Colorado State Cyclocross Championships

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Peter Weber wins Men's Open!!!

In hindsight I wish I would have interviewed him... so much to tell there! I remember getting my first CX bike from Peter like 12 yrs ago and then something like 2-3 years later he retired... and now today was his return to success! Brandon Dwight lost by Peter by about 2 inches... My money is back on Brandon in PDX.

Colorado Cyclocross State Championship - Men's Open from Lenny Maiorani on Vimeo.

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Cross=bike handling & fitness...

Four dismounts per lap was the norm 10yrs ago before Nys started hopping everything and the sport grew as much as it has. It is interesting how many people have never seen courses with more than 1-2 dismounts per lap. I thought the course was great - still less sketchy than Natz in KS. As far as rhythm goes, the UCI rules state that terrain, corners, and dismounts are there to DISRUPT your rhythm. Weather is weather - you should HAVE to be able to handle your bike to win a cross race, otherwise it is just a crit. Conditions change as weather changes and it isn't always practicle/possible to change mid-event. Either way, each person in each race raced in the same conditions, so you have to call if fair racing. I challenge all whiners to step up and promote a race next year - I think promoting/volunteering should be a prerequisite to whining about courses.

Lets get a few things

Lets get a few things straight here. While Pete Watson helped some of those who had bad injuries today (Thanks, Pete!), Pete is not an ER Doc, but a gastroenterologist. That's doesn't make his or anyone else's opinion less or more valuable, just a fact.

As for the course, it was solid. It had a bit of everything except dirt crit. Like has been said, the weather conditions changed everything for better or worse depending who you talk to. Expecting a promoter to change the course the day of or day before an event due to weather is unreasonable.

This year, I have heard or seen riders complain about the mud, courses having too much grass, too much off camber, too many barriers, etc., etc. Seriously? It's cross! If someone wants to promote a winter road series and have to deal with changing the course based on snow/ice, then step up. From the sounds of it you may get a turnout.

Sometimes the course plays out to the strongest rider, sometimes it plays out to the best technical rider, sometimes it's luck. If you're a strong road rider, work on your skills. If your a strong technical rider, work on your fitness. You can't when them all.

I also agree with the promoting before you complain comment. There is a ton of work but into promoting an event and there limitiations of many venues that create even more headaches and work. Having been a promoter this year, this comes from first hand experience. I have to say, I didn't not go to a poor event this year. I think every club/promoter did a great job and put on some great events.

Congrats to all who did well and to those who just had fun! See you out there.

There were four dismounts

There were four dismounts per lap, 3 man made and one big log, Necessary to have 4 dismounts per lap? Cross is a novel sport to begin do you need to have muddy/icy off camber dh sections, four dismounts, spiral of death, guess when I saw the flyer with the whatever on the motorcycle chopper... I was a little concerned, not sure what that has to do with a state cross championship.

What do others think about the four dismounts per lap? They could have done away with the one in the snow and skipped the sidewalk with the snow drifts in favor of the parking lot..... or the dismount 200 yards before the log.

I liked the numerous

I liked the numerous dismounts - those and the rest of the course tested skill, not just motor. If all I wanted to test was my motor, I'd do road racing or crits; or mtn bike racing for motor and dirt skills. Cross has an entirely unique set of skills to it amongst cycling competition and I was glad to see the course tested quite a few of them. I didn't win, and actually busted my bike - but I could have done that on any course this year, its all part of the risks of racing.

Spiral of Death

Personally, I thought the spiral of death was too gimmicky. When I saw the preview photo of another spiral of death, I thought it was a joke. Unfortunately, no. Other than that, the course was fair at least in the morning before things got colder and icier. Cyclocross is to be contested normally in difficult conditions. Part of winning is how you can deal with those conditions. Basically, compared to KC in 2007, today's conditions were a cake walk.

I though the Spiral of Death

I though the Spiral of Death was a gimmick also, BUT many people had skills problems in it. I gained no less than 7 places inside of it. Many people were slow making the transition from going in left to going out right. I found it to be a skill set most people were not good at. So I did enjoy it, it was differnt and fun and required a different type of skill.

States event was excellent, including the course.

Great site Kris. I appreciate the time and effort you put into local cycling news.
To all the negative comments about States, I ask everyone to think about what kind of person(s) it takes to put on a race, race promoters are a rare breed and tough as nails-definitely tougher than the sniveling racers who posted negative commments. Those comments are embarassing and Kris, I'd consider taking care about what messages your site is enabling towards the CX community, espcially promoters. It's embarrasing to our local scene that is thriving and healthy. Anyone who complains- I challenge you to effin do it better. Or at least educate yourself about the process that takes months, tens of hours of time, (Friday night-it was 15degrees and windy while volunteers set up the course, so WE COULD ALL RACE.)
Just be thankful that Colorado has great races and people willing to put them on.

ACA has a forum to provide professional feedback on race courses. If you did not like a course, take 5 mins and give your feedback where is actually is read by people who can use it.

300-400 riders x $25 =

300-400 riders x $25 = $7500-$10,000, no police to pay... If the ACA gives the right to the state championship to a promoter we should not just all bow and be thankful, it should be a quality event on a quality proven course, it is not a labor of love $7500-$10,000 in revenue for a day is significant and the racers who have been vying for a state championship title should have a top level course, I did not see that today, perhaps if I won I may feel different. I saw alot of crashes, mechanicals, riders going to the ER, and races that had enormous gaps between 1st and 5th.