2009 Colorado State Cyclocross Championships

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Peter Weber wins Men's Open!!!

In hindsight I wish I would have interviewed him... so much to tell there! I remember getting my first CX bike from Peter like 12 yrs ago and then something like 2-3 years later he retired... and now today was his return to success! Brandon Dwight lost by Peter by about 2 inches... My money is back on Brandon in PDX.

Colorado Cyclocross State Championship - Men's Open from Lenny Maiorani on Vimeo.

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Yes, I would like to see you

Yes, I would like to see you start a Thread where people can comment on the course. My .02 several broken bones in AM, per ER doc Pete Watson, Course had no rhthym, run through snow drifts, alot o luck involved and top notch gear for snow and mud. I would like to see the State Championships awarded to the guys who put on the UCI events or alot of races and know how to set up a top notch course. Race was well organized, but the course/venue was real mediocre at best, Good for a mid season race, not the state championships.

There was alot of carnage out there today, don't tell me that is what cross is all about.

Would like to hear what others thought of the State Championships.

CO State Cx Championships Course

Although the icy conditions played a significant factor today, the design of the course seemed not to take this into consideration. Many of the dangerous sections were intentional and would have made the course challenging even without the ice/snow/mud. Making steep descents with off-camber turns in addition to the ice/snow/mud was sure to create crashes, especially with the larger fields. This is definitely a race that we'll all remember!

Course was great

At 9:30 the 35+ were racing in fairly dry conditions, bikes were barely getting dirty. At 10:40 Sun came out and it was slick and muddy. Sounds like it froze over again later in the day. How can a promoter account for these changing conditions?? By labeling the race a "Cyclocross" event. Everyone in my race had the same conditions, wasn't it the same for yours, think about it.

I think some consideration needs to be taken into account for the Jr races to keep them safe.

Thought the course was great, circle was ingenious, great job ICCC!

At least you got to race

So many complaints.

I had fun, I raced and thought the course was great. Handling skills should be part of a State Champ race. Who cares if it wasn't on a course everyone knew. Part of the challenge is to show up pre-ride, know the good and the bad spots for your individual talents and make the most of it. A new course basically levels the playing field for all the whiners out there. The promoter that put on this race did an excellent job and I hope he gets a chance to host another State Champ Race. Why should the course be on a "proven" ground? So people who want the same experience every time at specific CX venues can have an unfair advantage?

Keep it up, and bring on more new venues and courses like this and you will keep the general racing public happy and interested in the sport, as well as attract a few more people. Racing the same venue year after year gets to be boring.

I think you are missing the

I think you are missing the point here. I don't think it was ever mentioned, same venue, same course... like doing the table mtn crit over and over. Premise is same proven venue, same proven experienced course designer, think CG, Joe D, Brian H..... Course layout can be very different at the same venue. What is important is someone with experience does the design and layout, creating a well balanced course, I saw it all this year from the Breckenridge Nordic Center, Pine Beetle chipped course, Frisco Jungle Cross, to the Sidewalks and Grass of Arapahoe Park. IMHO State Championships should be one of the best courses of year, designed and layed out by the best people with experience and a track record.

There have been many good posts and perspectives shared in this discussion. I have changed my mind on a few things after reading what other people have to say. Keep it up! Opinions are like A-holes, everyone has one, and don't be afraid to constructively whine.

Who cares about your opinion

QUOTE: " IMHO State Championships should be one of the best courses of year, designed and layed out by the best people with experience and a track record."

How are you going to define "best"? What criteria do you use to say one course is better than another BEFORE it's ridden?