June is Colorado Bike Month

June is Colorado Bike Month so get you bike ready and ride!
Stay tuned to updates as more information for Colorado Bike Months comes into 303Cycling. For starters here is something everyone can start on.

Tips for Commuting by bike

  • Bike Commuting can be done on any bike. No race bike needed, just a safe and mostly operating bike will do.
  • Distance is not the problem, Logistics is. Riding 10 miles to work is really easier than is may sound but once you get to work that is when things and get complicated... work cloths, maybe a shower, lunch/snacks, etc. Plan ahead of time and take you cloths to work the day before and use wet wipes to clean off it your work does not have a shower.
  • Don't bike to work the same way you would drive to work!. This is a huge pet peeve of mine, so often I see cyclist using busy and dangerous streets when one or two blocks away is a perfect street with a bike lane on it. No one will have a good experience is you choose a route that is not bike friendly and in Boulder there are PLENTY of safe routes to choose from
  • Map a Route Boulder Cycling Map and Denver Cycling Map
  • Buy the new bike Commuting book

Don't forget, June 24th is Colorado Bike to Work Day

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