Bike or Walk to School Day

Yesterday Walk or Bike to School Day was a huge success with over 2200 students registered to participate but it is speculated that many more did. Foothills, Flatirons and Heatherwood Elementary had big events with a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the implementation of their Safe Routes to Schools improvements. Some of those improvements include newer bike racks (old ones are difficult for many to use and simply don't fit bikes especially if lights are on the bike), bike paths, extra signage, more sidewalks and safer cross walks. Casey Middle School students had the extra big task of riding to their new temporary school, Platt Middle School but that did not slow them down, Catherine Powers, a teacher at Casey led a group of kids. The Casey students had a diverse set of students participate thanks to Casey's earn-a-bike program.

Photo by Mike Eubanks

"The weather for this week so far couldn't have been better", mentioned a parent as crossing 75th street as she took a bike train to Heatherwood Elementary. Boulder Sheriff had two officers on 75th street along with a worker from the Boulder County Transportation Department as the monitor traffic for future improvements and aided crossing guards with making a presence to the speedy south bound 75th traffic.

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Parents and students are having a wonderful time, exercising and learning how to be a bike commuter but hopefully this activity doesn't end after the school week is over. Heatherwood Elementary is pushing to keep the energy going with Walk or Ride to School every Wednesday throughout the remaining school year. "Hopefully the parents see how easy it really can be and make this a life change at least for the rest of the school year" a parent told me yesterday.

Catherine Powers rides with Casey Students on Earth Day

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