Photos, Results and Mud from the final Boulder Racing Series

The final Boulder Racing Series CX race came to a close today at Xlinx course in Longmont. This course changed more than a teenager slamming red bulls and Nyquil. From looking at the 35+ photos taken by our photographer and writer David Kuticpal, I wonder if I was even in this race because by the final race of the day the course was peanut butter and the mud was freezing to the bikes, my bike must have weighed at least 40lbs by the finish. It was a good day for SS category with the winner taking the victory in the 3's field too! I don't have much to say today, it was hard and muddy, hopefully the photos linked below will tell much more.


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303cycling - Mens 35+ - Men 3s and SingleSpeed
Bryan King
Randall Levensaler


Matt Barlow
Rob Yoder Men 45+
Dale Riley 35+ cat 4 and more..

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Not quite sure the difference between 'Whimp' and 'Wimp', I looked it up in the highly trustworthy/accurate Urban Dictionary.


v. The act of taking away from a player's skills, spells, or effectiveness in some manner, such as reducing weapon effectiveness or boosting mobs.

Also called mud whimping, player whimping, nerfing or blunting

"My character got whimped by this a**hole immortal."

P.S. I had to make the very painful decision not to race after rebuilding the drivetrain on my bike from the Blue Sky Velo Cup, and with a reduction of hours at work, I can't afford to do that again this season. I still went out there and watched, and it dang near killed me not to pull the bike out of the truck and race. I guess I need to HTFU and build me up a SS.