2009 Boulder Roubaix is ON..... NOT

Some of you may remember the April Fools story we ran April 1st saying the Boulder Roubaix was on. Well, it worked because that one story on that one day got us record traffic. What is it about the Boulder Roubaix that can turn us in the most gullible people around? I've competed in the race at least 7 times because of its uniqueness from any other race out there, I love it and apparently so do many other Coloradans too but sadly the April Fools jokes has become a nightmare because the race is not on in 09. We contacted Chris Grealish at DBCEvents the promoter for the majority of the Boulder Roubaix's about the reason for not hosting the Boulder Roubaix in 09 and if it will ever be promoted by them in the future and he said..

"It appears bulk of the racers have shifted away from Road Races and their lifestyles and mindset are more geared towards 40-60 minute criteriums. With the low turnouts for 2008 Boulder Road Race and Boulder Roubaix , we decided to try them every other year instead of every year. 400 people went to the Roubaix movie at Boulder Theater the Wednesday before the race and 250 people raced Boulder Roubaix."

It is true, the turn out in 08 was sad but many would not blame the riders but mother nature because it was held during a very cold summer raining day... still it is Roubaix, right, where were the riders?

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2008 Boulder Roubaix

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I think timing and WEATHER

I think timing and WEATHER had more to do with low turn out at Roubaix 2008. Put Roubaix in mid-April and numbers will be around 500.
Put Hwy 128 on schedule and make BAR/BAT. Great local road race for climbers.

People will race Road Races!!!
Koppenburg averages over 500
Deer Trail over 600
Hugo over 500
Iron Horse - Sells Out!
Ft. Collins over 400 at $60+ last year
Mt. Evans ~ 1000
Salida over 400


Hold the Boulder Roubaix around the same time as the Paris-Roubiax and you'll get record turnouts. I get pumped for the spring classics in europe and that might be a reason why I love the Koppenberg race so much.

Boulder Roubaix and other DBC Road Races

If you're missing road races then you should step up and develop them. Looking to Chris to solve the lack of racing in Colorado is not the answer. Chris has moved on from local racing and is developing internationally recognized cyclocross races like Boulder Cup and CrossVegas. When he drops back into the local scene and creates races like 2008's Roubaix, Cat Eye RR and the Case Logic Crits he does so in the hope that other groups will step up and take them over.

Nobody does and he moves on, I don't blame him.

If you disagree with Chris' assessment that most racers are interested in shorter races (I happen to think he's correct). then prove him wrong and start creating the races you claim will attract big fields.

Boulder-Roubaix RR

Hello “anonymous”,

I am going to quote you here:

“If you disagree with Chris' assessment that most racers are interested in shorter races (I happen to think he's correct), then prove him wrong and start creating the races you claim will attract big fields.”

That proof was already given with the Road Race numbers in previous posts and shown very clearly in Bubba Billy Bob’s post. You can verify these numbers on the ACA results website pages. In other words, I don’t have to become a promoter to “prove him wrong”. Also, just because there are a lot of riders that like crits, does not mean that they do not like long Road Races. I happen to like all of them. Heck, I even like TTs.

Not everybody has the ability/energy/knowledge/backing to promote a bicycle race. Therefore we heavily rely on folks like Chris to do this. The responses in this thread have clearly been posted by Road Race enthusiasts (me being one of them) who like and appreciate Chris Grealish and simply are begging him to bring back the Boulder-Roubaix and the Boulder RR.

So now I am going to put my money were my mouth is. If Chris for this year can still bring back the Boulder-Roubaix or Boulder RR, then I will be the first to donate $100 to him. I know this is only a drop in a bucket. So therefore I am asking all you forum contributors/readers to pledge an amount as well. I don’t care if it is only 5 bucks. It at least gives Chris a positive message.

In the mean time please look around in the different bike shops for the Boulder-Roubaix T-shirts (I think Vecchio’s still has some). Then buy one or more and start wearing them. Part of the T-shirt sales goes to Chris.

I also pledge that, after my own race is finished, I will volunteer my time during the remainder of the race day. I am asking all of you to do the same thing.

I also truly hope that Chris will consider working with the ACA BAR/BAT committee (of which I am a member) to start molding both his races into a BAR/BAT format, beginning 2010. The ACA staff, as well as myself, will be more than happy to work with Chris on this.

Last but not least, keep the posts on this subject coming. Maybe the more of us RR enthusiasts speak up the better the chances are that Chris “hears our cries”.

I truly hope that Chris reads these posts. Maybe the host for website can alert him to log-on (how about it Kris?)

Now I stop with Stephen’s Swift Cycling Club slogan: Long Live Long Road Races.

Happy suffering.


Generalization of current racers in Colorado

One of the comments was that the Boulder Road Race was after a "hard crit in Longmont"(Prospect)and also not BAR/BAT. Is doing challenging races less appealing than the attendance award that BAR/BAT has become ? What ever happened to doing a race for the challenge instead of the possibility of getting on the podium ? In this culture, people feel the need to be in the mix and place or at least think they have a chance to place. When I raced cat 4 and then cat 3 back in the late 80's thru mid 90's, we usually had 100+ guys at every race. To be the 20th finisher out of 100 starters was rewarding ,especially when you were the last guy to stay in the pack and the other 80 were in the parking lot. I am vertically challenged and my body type is more built for Roubaix than Mt Ventoux. Regardless, I'd do Mt Evans and Ironhorse climbing races because it was a major challenge. People refuse to accept that humiliation is an inherent part of bicycle racing, unless you are sandbagging or a gifted athlete, you need to suck it up and take your medicine by not going to the parking lot when shelled.


Chris is a great guy and a great promoter, but I think he is dead wrong on his comments. We have plenty of crits in CO and need more RR's. Sure a lot of the guys only have time to race crits, but there is a huge demand for RR's. Look at the #'s for events like Koppenberg and even Deer Trail & Hugo (which are in the middle of no where).

Chris added both of those events to the scheduel late in the year (they were not on the calendar until mid summer), so people were not as aware of them. The Roubaix was killed by bad weather. Most racers buy their own gear and will take a pass on getting it destroyed racing on dirt in the rain. Chris also put those events on in August. They have never been held that late in the year and that is a big reason for the low turn out. It has nothign to do with Chris or his races, but we all know racers in CO get burned out and race less in August.

As I opened with Chris is a good guy, a good promoter and "gets it". However I think he is flat wrong on this. He needs to move those races back to earlier on the calendar and get them on the calendar when it comes out in Jan. or Feb. Thoses changes would get him good attendence (as long as the weather works out).

Boulder-Roubaix - Please bring it back

I truly hope that Chris Grealish reads this.

Last year’s (2008) low turn out should not be taken as an indicator that the majority of ACA racers is shifting away from Road Races to Criteriums.

I realize that the name sake (Paris Roubaix) will be run no matter what the weather is. However we should not forget that the pros in that race get paid to race. We instead pay to race. There lies the difference.

I bet if the race last year on that day in August would have been a criterium with partial dirt/muddy roads, then the turn out would have been just as bad. Also, as bad luck would have it, the weather was bad at the start of the day but not near as bad towards the middle and end of the day. I bet the turn out would have been greater if the reverse would have been true.

For comparison the turn out for the Deer Trail and Hugo Road Races were 633 and 542 respectively. These numbers indicate that Road Races continue to enjoy strong popularity.

I also suspect that if the Boulder Road Race would have not been the day after a hard criterium (last year it was the Prospect Crit) then the turnout would also have been greater.

Lastly I think that either race would enjoy a much greater turnout if they would have BAR/BAT status. Whether you agree with the BAR/BAT format or not, the fact is that BAR/BAT races historically get a greater turnout then non-BAR/BAT races.

Chris always has done a fantastic job in organizing his races. In my opinion, he has become an essential part of the racing community in our State. So I truly hope that Chris will reconsider and bring both races back to a yearly status and work with the ACA to bring them into a BAR/BAT format.


Boulder Roubaix

I raced Roubaix last year and it was epic. That being said I used my Cross bike and wouldn't have thought about racing my nice road bike in that weather. I learned that lessen after the abuse it took at Cateye the year prior (BTW - what happened to Cateye too????).

Definetly agree that the weather is the dominent factor in attendance and there is huge support for road races. Crits are far more dangerous and not nearly as fun in my opinion. I wish Gore Pass would come back too but not be in September.