Details coming in on Memorial weekend racing

Only the Friday evening TT information has been posted but here is what is know from the Boulder Racing website.

"This individual timed bicycle race takes place in Superior, CO utilizing a portion of the infamous Morgul Bismark course which was part of the Coors Classic bicycle held over 20 years ago.

The 7 mile long course starts at the Superior Town Hall and proceeds south up the 'hump' and 'wall' then heads west on the Hwy 128, over a few rollers, and ends just before race Hwy 93. Although the course is open to traffic, there is a great bike lane the whole course.

Find out more information to the Boulder Racing Memorial weekend racing

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I am thinking about doing

I am thinking about doing some crits again now that I have a category I can race in and not get dropped in pulled after 10 minutes. It's been a few years since I have done a lot of crits.

Skipping N.B.P. crit since that is what happens to half the 35+ field. Fun to watch the beginning of that one. Big group at start. After 15 minutes more racers on the sidelines then in the race.


It looks like the first BAR/BAT crit had more racers than last year despite fewer category offerings and roughly the same fee as last year. Maybe charging more isn't the best way to get more riders.