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Recently Community Cycles of Boulder did a fantastic job at questioning the candidates for Boulder City Council so thanks to them we can be informed on how the candidates stand on issues related to bicycle use in Boulder. Community Cycles is NOT endorsing any candidate however Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance does, below is the list they endorse, find out more.

SUZY AGETON www.suzyageton.com
K.C. BECKER www.kcbecker.org
MACON COWLES http://cowlesforcouncil.net/
GEORGE KARAKEHIAN www.georgekforcouncil.com
BARRY SIFF www.siffforcouncil.com

Some Candidates use bikes to gain votes

There are 6 questions which most answered... lets cover some highlights.

Boulder Council Candidates & cycling issues

QUESTION: Are you happy with the balance of city resources, specifically funding and land use, dedicated to cars, pedestrians and bicyclists? If not, what would you change?

(Macon Cowles) I am happy with it: our city transportation resources are spent overwhelmingly on bike, ped and transit, and that is as it should be. Every journey begins and ends either on foot or in a chair. And this should always be remembered in the development of transportation infrastructure.

(KC Becker) .I don’t know exactly how our taxes are being spent on transportation. I’ve heard from another candidate that we spend more on alt-modes as a city than we do on car-travel. I have a hard time believing that, but I haven’t had a chance to do my own research. I do think Boulder does a good job- but can do an even better job- of promoting alt-modes and of making Boulder more bike and pedestrian friendly.
One way is to make our streets more pedestrian-friendly. The city’s new Sustainable Streets and Centers Study should help identify problem areas. Id’ really like to see the whole Flatirons Office Park (Arapahoe and 55th) redevelop to be a walkable, mixed-use area. Requiring covered bike parking and bike lockers is another. Continuing to connect our city with bike paths is another way. A strong education and advertising campaign about our bike paths is another way. I bike all over with my son behind me in the Chariot. But it was several years of living here before I actually learned how easy it is (at least in day light) to get around by bike.

(Jyotsna Raj) According to the information at my disposal, in the 2009 Transportation budget I feel that we are balancing the outlays for bike/pedestrian/transit quite well, with a relatively small proportion of our budget going to cars.

For more questions and answers see the full story at Community Cycles

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