2009 Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance Winter Banquet

Friday night I attended the annual BMA Banquet which was a blast. It was a typical silent auction with a meal kind of event with the funds going to support the BMA in the upcoming year. I almost didn't get to attend because hours earlier my daughter had been diagnosed with pnenomia and had a temperature of 105! yikes! The after talking to the doctor on the phone he was like, "ya just give them some more tylenol and she will be fine... he was right.

They had some great items in the silent auction like crusier bikes, cyclocross equipment, autographed jersey's (Dave Wiens), admission to the Boulder Indoor Velodrome and women's underwear. The live auction had some great items too like bike tour to Italy, mtb trip to Arizona and a vacation to the Galopogus islands. Not sure if it was the free beer or the recession but probably only half of the audience was engaged in the live auction so it was hard to hear the amounts things were being bid for.

Overall it was a great night and meet some new friends but what was interesting wasn't who did attend the party but largely who did not! There were only a few faces in the crowd that I regonized like Greg Keller, Sonya Looney, Jeff Kerkove, Megan Monroe and a few others but where were all the other folks who are cycling to the core? While the BMA might be "Mountain Bike" focused, the power and connections they have are amazing, really! I was floored by the political power at that banquet and while I am not a mountain biker to my core, I use many of the trails they worked so hard to get created!

More Details? See the BMA website