Pedestrian cause bike crash on Boulder Creek Path

An accident with assumed homeless people and a cyclist has left the cyclist in the hospital with a bleeding brain. The full details of the accident can be found on the Daily Camera's story on it.

This is very tragic given that this is the second cyclist to be put in the hospital for serious head injury this week. A few days ago a cyclist riding at night with no lights or helmet was struck by a car, read that story on the Daily Camera too

Here are some of the comments on the Daily Camera's website related to these two incidents..

"Up until a year ago, I never wore a helmet. But unfortunate stories such as this one educated me of the need to use one - all the time - even around the block."

"Gee, maybe "mixed use" or "share the road" isn't such a good idea. Cyclists complain about getting buzzed by cars when they can't keep up with traffic but when cyclists cause injuries (even their own) when they, in turn, buzz pedestrians we're supposed to blame a homeless man's backpack strap? Boulder gets more and more entertaining by the day."

"Dr_johnson writes "and they refuse to post any rules for use or warnings about the hazards."

Wrong, they have speed limit signs, 15mph.

I do agree that they fail to enforce it. I worked next and ran on the path for many years and continually had to dodge speeding "spandicks".

No one has the right to buzz pedestrians going 30mph. I'm glad it was the biker hurt not some child walking next to its mother. Maybe now BPD can get their fat donut-laden arses out of the cruisers and on bicycles and patrol the path.

This has been a problem for me

"BTW - these "pedestrians" do this under the arapahoe st. tunnel when it is snowing or raining. they give you the eye of entitlement, then interfere with your path."

These are related to the accident a few days ago

"This is a double tragedy. I wish people would take more responsibility for their own safety - what was he thinking riding at or after dusk without lights or reflectors - and not wearing a helmet. I feel for the woman who did not see him as much as I feel for him. But for his lack of care, this might never have happened and two lives would not have been damaged."

"I wish the best for both families and that Graber may recover.
In the last 6 months I have seen 3 bike accidents involving cars (2 of them during daylight hours) on 30th between Colorado and Shadow Creek Drive. Not to mention at least 4 car on car accidents. I live at 30th and Colorado and saw the aftermath of this accident. Something needs to be done to make this stretch of 30th safer. I realize this is not going to make me very popular here, but I think a reduction of the speed limit to 25mph would help. 28th st. and also Foothills Parkway are both close, there is no reason why the speed limit could not be lowered. There maybe other changes that could be made, does anyone have any other ideas?"

"Grandma should hand in her license."

"Personally, I don't think you should ride bikes on streets without a bike lane. I know this street did have one and the biker was in it but, bikers on 28th street (Broadway and Canyon are other examples)are tempting fate."

"This happened just outside my apartment. This is unfortunately a very dark section of street. I bike to and from CU all the time with lights and a reflective pack.

I see people all the time biking with dark clothes and no lights. I can barely see them when they are literally ten feet away due to the way the shadows happen with the car lights and street configuration, it is so much harder to see them when driving. I have always thought someone will get hit here and am not surprised, but very saddened as it just as easily could have been someone I know."

There are TONS more to read through!

Consumer reports 58 Percent of Cyclists Never Wear a Bicycle Helmet

Be Safe!

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