ACA dissolves Men's 35+ category.

April Fools!

Unexpectedly, yesterday the ACA dissolved the Men's 35+ due to the expense at trying to satisfy this group. Ever since the new BAR/BAT rules kicked in in 09 the 35+ field has been "extremely difficult" to satisfy and has been taking away resources from ACA when they could be dedicated to other less "whiny" categories like women's cat 4. The 35+ riders are now expected to flood the other categories however to prevent them from simply "hiding" in other categories all 35+ riders must wear yellow stickers on their helmets to allow them to be identified by officials and other riders incase they file any kind of race complaint about the course, finish, field size, etc. Those riders with yellow bands will be ignored. Officials have been quoted in that "maybe in 2010 we can bring back the 35+ field but even then they might consider running their fields as the first event of the day to prevent the really surly ones from being awake at those start times.

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Men's 35+

Interesting - Being a Cal. native there are a few things missing in this decision -
1.35+ are the best income earners, meaning if promoted well there is a consistent income for ACA.
2. if promoted well, it is th 2nd biggest field..........just another complaint or innovation....its your decision.