ACA Racer Participation up in 09.

According to the ACA numbers racer participation is up in both road and cx in 09 with cross once again leading the pack as it had done in 08 when cyclocross had an increase of 23%. Below are some of the numbers...

2009 Colorado Road Season by the numbers
- Average road participation was up 6% (352 racers in 08 -> 375 average racers in 09)
- Total road participation was down 8% (14745 total racers in 08 to 13577 in 09)

2009 Colorado CX Season by the numbers
- Average cyclocross participation was up 4% (328 racers in 08 to 340 in 09)
- Total cyclocross participation was way up by 15% (7222 racers in 08 to 8498 in 09)

The assumption is that the early spring race cancellations caused the total number of road racers to drop even though the average went up. On the flip side many cyclocross racers know how difficult Mother Nature was this year however those conditions did not see to have had an impact on the numbers... or did it, would have the cyclocross numbers for Colorado been much higher had we recieved kinder weather in the late fall?

If you would like to do your own number crunching then take a look at the 2009 ACA Racer participation data

2009 ACA Racer participation data

Please share your analysis and speculation on the 09 racer participation data in the comment below

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