ACA Newsletter... no more Racing Express

Today the ACA sent out their first "ACA News Mail". For those who do not check their email as often as you do this site, here is what they had to say...

Welcome to the first ACA News Mail of 2009. These informational e-mails will replace the “Racing Express” in 2009. Plan on bi-weekly e-mails when there is little to be shared and weekly emails during the peak of the racing season. In this edition:

-Membership renewals
-KHMTT Series registration
-Club Insurance
-2009 BAR/BAT
-Upcoming races


If you have not renewed your membership by mail, please do so. Our online license sales will be delayed until May at the earliest. You can find a membership application here on the ACA website. This is last reminder for 2008 license holders to renew. The next News Mail will only be sent to 2009 members.

KHMTT Series Registration

Registration for the Karen Hornbostel Memorial Cherry Creek Time Trial Series opens at 3am on March 3rd. That’s right, at 3 on 3/3! If you want to make sure you get in it is recommended that you set your alarm and register as soon as possible after 3am. All registration will be done online at Record Racer.Com. Anyone (individuals or teams) can go to Record Racer.Com to establish an account prior to registration opening. This will facilitate a speedy registration process once it opens. Designated team personnel may assemble ACA clubs for group entry prior to registration opening as well. It is HIGHLY recommended that teams get their team member accounts established and teams formed prior to 3/1 in case you have any questions or issues. Waiting until the last minute could leave your team out of the series. For the series flyer click here.

Club Insurance – Is Your Club Covered???

The ACA offers club insurance to all of our member clubs. It covers all team events for a give year pending payment of the $2.39 per rider premium and having a signed waiver for each rider. If your club signs up for club insurance prior to 3/31/09 the ACA will cover the $25 property premium as well. The coverage for this insurance is identical to the ACA event insurance. More info on ACA club insurance can be found by clicking here.

2009 BAR/BAT

The BAR/BAT program has undergone some changes for 2009. These include the inclusion of 35+ Category 3 and 45+ Category 4 competitions as well as a change to color coding of closed course races. The color coding designates which categories will be BAR/BAT at any given closed course race (crit or circuit). Please take a few minutes and review the Board of Directors BAR/BAT Statement, policy and schedule for 2009:

Board Statement
2009 Policy
Tentative Schedule

Racing is almost here!!!

Dust off you racing wheels and get ready to roll. The first ACA events of the year are just around the corner.

The Frostbite Time Trial start the season off with a “BRRRR!” on March 7th. It is also the first BAR/BAT race of 2009. Registration and information can be found by clicking here.

Next up is the Leaving 99 Crit Crusade. A new event for 2009 this criterium series is sure to see some action packed fun as riders try to show the results of their hard work in the off-season. More info can be found here.

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I have to be really honest. Other than insurance, what is the value add of any cycling sanctioning body any more? Before the internet, communication and race announcements were a huge part of the organizations, but now I just don't get it. The categorization is warped and sandbagging is rampant, so that hardly matters any more, especially in the 35+ racing.

All the politics and BS around bike racing have always held it back. I mean, come on, you really need a LICENSE to enter a Cat 5 race? A beginner can enter a running race, adventure race, autocross, a ski race, an offroad motorcycle enduro, and a dozen other kind of races without getting into the licensing thing.

I'm not dissing the ACA people, since I'm sure they work very hard, but other than the insurance issue, (and that probably is enough to justify them), Why?

Anything I have said goes triple for USAC or whatever the name de jour is for the UCI recognized clusterf**k.