Boulder rider, Kurt Refsnider, is in 2nd currently in Tour Divide Race

Image from Tour Divide Website

Call it the Tour de France of Mountain Biking, or maybe insanity but local rider, Kurt Refsnider is sitting just behind the 08 race winner and current race leader in the Tour Divide Race as they pass through Colorado this week. Currently it appears that the race leader is in the town of Del Norte according to the Live SPOT Leaderboard Map. The Tour Divide race is self-supported mountain bike race on all 2,745 miles that follows Adventure Cycling's Great Divide Bike Route. Kurt is a very experienced road and especially cross rider and has the results to prove it. Kurt isn't the only Colorado rider competing this this race, from what I've been told there is also, Chris ?? and Dave Nice which you might remember from this bike film, or his blog, Slowerthansnot

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