SingleSpeed Record for the Tour Divide Race

Local rider sets record singlespeed record.

WESTMINSTER - There are weekend-warriors and there are ultra-athletes, and most would agree Colorado sees its fair share of both. Chris Plesko admits he never thought he'd take his mountain biking far enough to ever warrant the attention of a local TV station, but recently he's done just that.

"I'm still a little bit in shock," he said.

Plesko's barely been home for 24 hours, and he is just starting to really wrap his head around what he's done.

"You get to the end and you think wow, I just rode 2,800 miles in 19 days," he said.

Plesko decided to take his mountain biking to the next level about three years ago when he started racing. It was all just for fun, while he worked full-time as an engineer.

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