Rist Canyon Hill Climb

Join us for the ACA Rist Hill Climb and Citizens Road Ride! Citizen riders leave the starting line first, with the ACA racers to follow. The racing begins 7:30am Sharp with all ACA categories leaving Masonville for a gradual climb towards Horsetooth Park. At the Park entrance you will have a short decent and its back to a short climb to the lake lookout area. Then it’s back to descending the back side of the Horsetooth lake to the small town of Stout. From Stout you will make your way on a mostly flat trek around the south end of the lake then heading north on the east side of Horsetooth. Don’t get comfortable with the fast fun flat your next turn is on Centennial Drive. (Right after the first Damn Feed Zone/Bottle Drop - Team Supported) Turning north on Centennial you will start your journey of crossing the Horsetooth Damns. After your last Damn climb you will have a short but fast decent on the north end of the lake and a fast couple miles of flat into Bellvue. Turning west at Bellvue for your last 13 miles of racing (Bellvue Feed Zone/Bottle Drop - Fully Supported) From Bellvue you will have a couple miles of gradual accent and a very short drop into the base of the Rist Canyon Look for the 9.3 sign to start your mental note to the finish the 26.71 mile race to the top of Rist Canyon. (every mile will be marked) Spectators and previous rider/racers are welcome to line the top part of Rist Canyon to watch the following race categories battle it out on the final last switchbacks of the race. A tip top race finish with full sag station/port o lets awaits you. Relax and be a spectator or cheer your team along to the finish line. Bring your cow bells and chalk chairs & team tent!

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