Lyons to Boulder Trail is DEAD

From this mornings Longmont Times Call

Boulder County commissioners shelve Lyons-Boulder trail

By Tony Kindelspire
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LONGMONT — The Boulder County commissioners announced this morning they've put the brakes on a long-planned multi-use recreational trail between Lyons and Boulder.

Earlier this month the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District had expressed its unwillingness for the trail to be constructed using any of the water district’s right of way along the Boulder Feeder Canal, a residential and irrigation water ditch owned and managed by the district.

“We would like Boulder County to do anything they can to stay out of our right of way,” water district spokesman Brian Werner said at the time.

That was what Boulder County commissioners were hoping not to hear, and it was enough to kill plans for the trail, at least for now.

“Recent communications with individual (water) board members and actions from their board of directors ... have made it clear that permission from them to use the feeder canal for any part of the LyBo trail is unlikely to be forthcoming,” the commissioners wrote in a statement Friday morning.

“Under this new set of circumstances, we believe the construction of the Lyons to Boulder trail is not feasible at this time,” the commissioners wrote.

Using the feeder canal for portions of the trail would have been key to the trail’s success, the commissioners said, because it offers “existing cleared stretches of land, sweeping views of the plains and mountains, and a continuous path from north to south.”

Even though planners have mapped out alternative trail alignments, the commissioners noted that using existing roads and adjacent county open space within the proposed trail corridor “would be far less appealing, more costly, and more environmentally destructive” than using portions of the feeder canal.

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You can read the Board of County Commissioners letter here

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