Koppenberg Pictures Video and Results

2009 Koppenberg Results

Pro Men: Westley Gough
Pro Women: Beth Fisk

Today was the Colorado classic Koppenberg Circuit Race. I was taking pictures on the infamous climb. Its short but its steep and there was really only one line.

Professional Photos

dmoynihan.smugmug.com 35+, 3, 35+ - 3, 45+, Women 123 and Pro Men


Full list of 2009 Koppenberg Photo Gallery

Koppenberg handerbar cam video

Koppenberg SM 35+ part 1 from Rod Yoder on Vimeo.

Check out more footage from the Koppenberg Thanks Rob Yoder!!

Bad Ass Award Photo

Most bad ass Koppenberg photo, Photo by Mark Woolcot

Here is the 303Cycling jersey in action!

You can get an idea of how rough the hill was.

303Cycling Link to the 35+ 3s Pictures
303Cycling Link to the 35+ Pictures
303Cycling Link to the 35+ 3s Pictures

From 2009 Koppenberg Circuit Race

Aaron Bouplon happy about 2nd today

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