Koppenberg Recon

Say say 3rd times a charm right? Twice the Koppenberg has been canceled and according to the promotor there will be NO cancellation this time.

Yes, we are CHANGING THE RULES. From here on forward the race will not be canceled b/c of mud. In the future, if the hill is unrideable, then the expectation is that riders will hike the bike up the grassy sides and remount on top. So this means it is highly recommended that if it is wet outside, you bring Mountain Bike shoes and pedals. We will investigate footbath options (seriously) on top of the hill in case of mud on the cleats before remounting.

This coming Sunday, August 30th, is the 2009 Koppenberg race so I took a tour of the course to see how it is doing and here is what I found.

Loose!. That is the one word I would use to say how the course is compared to past races, but there are the details....

Pre-hill section

From 2009 Koppenberg Circuit Race

This section is loose, especially about 100 or so feet before the climb, careful not to cross wheels because folks are going to be all over the place and don't even bother with saying "hold your line"... I'd say, "watch your ass"

The climb

From 2009 Koppenberg Circuit Race

The entry to the climb is typical, deep ditch with the usual line on the right however most of the ditch can be ridden. The difficulty this year that hasn't really been so much in the past is the climb itself...

From 2009 Koppenberg Circuit Race

There aren't many rideable lines up the climb, or at least good lines. In years past if you could ride 2 abreast (see photo) but not so easily done this year and a mishap on this climb can really shut things down.

From 2009 Koppenberg Circuit Race

Post Hill section

In the past this race has always taken place in the spring and as our Colorado readers know, spring = CRAZY WIND!! But this year its in August which means we might have wind but not the 35+ mph this race sometimes sees. This might make the hill less critical because in the past if you missed the break on the climb it might be over because fighting the road and the wind after the hill was hell, this year the road is much smoother than years past and the wind might not exist so fighting back after a bad climb might be possible.

Questions for the race

  • What tires to run? The course is loose on the pre climb section, should a 28 tire be used?
  • Is the climb as critical this year as in the past?
  • Mountain bike shoes or road?

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the Kopp

Was out there last night. It is not in great shape and some rain would actually improve it, as it is so bone dry. That being said there are atleast 2 lines that are totally ridable. The issue, as always, is what happens when 30 racers all want to be at the same point, at the same time.

Should be fun.

Lots of people bump, grind,

Lots of people bump, grind, topple over, get up running and go nuts to get to the top and stick their noses in a hopeful crosswind. Meanwhile the smart ones are on the front end of it all, licking their chops that the group might stick and that victory might be gloriously theirs.

unlike any Kop

Agreed, this years race will be like no other year since it is in the late season. Fitness levels are different, attitudes are different and of course the course is different, especially the hill.

As for shoes... mtn!... Please advise spectators to move back on the first lap because the "course" we go from fence line to fence line.

I rode it on Tuesday and the

I rode it on Tuesday and the lower sections is really loose, especially in the second 90-degree lefthand corner. If you take the outside line, you have to float through a bunch of loose gravel. We'll probably see a few crashes in that section. Inside line is the best there for sure.

I ran a road tubeless setup at 90 PSI and it was great (no flats on 4 laps), although I'll probably take the pressure down even more for the race.

The upper dirt section is super fast. There was a pretty big tailwind up there when I rode the course on Tuesday, so it might not be as fast if the wind is different.

Should be an interesting race, as always.