Koppenberg Circuit - Date TBD

New press release from the BoulderRacing web site:

Koppenberg Circuit, Date TBD
We thought '3rd times a charm', right? I guess not this time since we had to cancel the Koppenberg. The Saturday evening monsoon did the hill in. We checked on it on Saturday after Friday evening's showers and the hill was bone dry. Never did we think it would have become so muddy so quick. In the end we made the call at 6am and started getting the word out the best we could. Apologies to the morning racers.

What's next you ask? Well, here's the plan. We have a date in mind and are waiting for clemancy from the authorities for our 3rd reschedule - that's three attempts. We will know shortly, stay tuned.

Refunds - Once we have a date we will give racers the option of a refund or staying registered and avoiding a future late fee. Please be patient until we make this announcement, very soon.

Oh, yes, one more thing, we are CHANGING THE RULES. From here on forward the race will not be canceled b/c of mud. In the future, if the hill is unrideable, then the expectation is that riders will hike the bike up the grassy sides and remount on top. So this means it is highly recommended that if it is wet outside, you bring Mountain Bike shoes and pedals. We will investigate footbath options (seriously) on top of the hill in case of mud on the cleats before remounting.

Call it what you like, a road race with a potential hike, the longest cyclocross race with the shortest running section. Whatever, but at least we will be racing on a bike. Stay tuned for that upcoming date.

The calendar is pretty full. End of August?

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Go around the mud? Are you kidding?

Telling riders to dismount and walk on the grass goes against everything known about proper trail etiquette and management! Now I understand this is not a mountain bike trail, but it still teaches riders that it's OK to go around mud onto the grass.

It takes years and years for a trail to recover from a widening spot due to mud, if it ever recovers...but only takes a small amount of trail work to repair a muddy spot that riders ride through.

Put some plywood over the mud, or do something, but please don't ask riders to go around.

Let us cobblestone that “berg

BubbaBillyBob said: “Time to Cobble or Brick the climb!”

Now we are talking. You can actually buy “good enough” cobblestones from a local supplier.

So now I wonder if there is a road construction contractor among the ACA membership that could lead the project. We all could volunteer our time to provide the labor.

All we need then is a construction permit from the local jurisdiction/owner of the road. That of course may actually be the hard part (no pun intended…..get it…..get it….?).

Using the local available cobblestones, a rough calculation shows that we would need about 25 thousand cobblestones to cover the approximately 600 foot long slope with a 15 feet wide path. In addition we would also need to pay for the road base material.

I don’t know what the stones cost, but with 3000 ACA members at $20 each, we would have $60000 available to do the job. Hmmm, any ideas out there how we could pull this off?

Next we need to get the local jurisdiction/authorities to classify the road for cycling use only and keep it chained off with just a cyclist set of gates for access. Now we could train this thing all year long as well as include in races (with the chain removed of course).

Hey, I guy can dream, can’t he??????????