Wednesday, June 24th is Colorado's Bike to Work Day!

Everyone, June 24th is Colorado's Bike to Work Day so start preparing now (if thats what it takes) to make sure to will not be in a gasoline powered vehicle on Wednesday. It is Strongly encouraged to register with DRCOG (Denver Regional Council of Governments).

And there is free food!

Throughout the Denver metro area breakfast food stations will be placed around for anyone commuting by bike, foot, skateboard... anything but cars/trucks, but make sure to get to them early if you are expecting some food because at least in Boulder, those feed stations really fill up around the 9am hour!

Find a feed station along your route

See our page on Colorado's Bike to Work Month or for more information on it.

Why Register
  • Registering makes our data trustworthy: we can tell exactly how many miles of automobile travel are being saved through this event, which helps us justify the case for the federal funding that largely supports it.
  • Any money we don't get from the federal government comes from our sponsors, and while we don't share ANY of your individual information with them, knowing how many people the event reaches is important to building a case for sponsorship.
  • If we don't know where you're coming from or where you're going, it's harder for us to get breakfast stations along your route!

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