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I stopped by the race this morning around 10:15am and it was cold! My car thermometer was reading 14 degrees. Ouch! The Mens 35+ Open race was happening and the 35+ 4s were warming up. The music was going and the atmosphere was great. The course looked great wandering in and around the Gateway Fun park. A portion of the course was on the go-cart track! Hopefully next year this race is earlier in the season. The location alone will draw large crowds.

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Agreed, I froze my ass off

Agreed, I froze my ass off standing around to register but the atmosphere was super cool and they had some fun features built into the course. Too bad it's private land as this is a great venue to ride with table tops of kickers, maybe they'll do some kind of series next year mid week at night. I know I'd be up for it as it's 15min from home!