Boulder Roubaix is ON!

April Fools!

The Boulder Roubaix, the classic Colorado spring road race, is back
on! After last weeks cancellation of the Koppenberg road race, race
promoters stepped forward and decided to put on the Boulder Roubaix.

The promoter said “No amount of snow or rain will cancel my event.”
The race will be held this Saturday April 4th. Currently there is no
race flyer but the flyer should be posted online today. The race was
initially not going to take place in 2009 but with the lack of spring
road races promoters thought it was a perfect opportunity. Here is a
brief description of the race:

The Boulder Roubaix is a road race that takes place in the northern
part of Boulder Colorado rolling over a mixture of pavement and gravel
roads to nearly the distance of 69 miles. Named after the Paris
Roubaix or sometimes referred to as The Hell of the North. The race is
usually raced in the spring time, much like the Paris Roubaix testing
the riders ability to handle the endurance and sometimes weather. The
gravel sections of the course really give the race its unique
character that nearly no other race can compare to. Many big names
have raced and won this event like Danny Pate, Will Frishcorn, Scott
Moninger, Chris Baldwin, Chuck Coyle etc.

Stay tuned for more information.

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