Review of cycling events in Colorado for 2008

1. Boulder gets a velodrome
2. The ACA successfully completes its first year under new leadership. Many feared it would fail and USA cycling would take over.
3. Valmont Bike Park officially is a go!
4. Boulder Cup returned to amazing weather and great racing
5. 6 cycling fatalities, 2 Boulder, 1 Golden and 1 Colorado Spring and 2 Fort Collins
6. Many front range communities upgrade their cycling status with Boulder going Platinum

Photo of the year

Photo by Mark Woolcott

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Photo of the Year

I enjoy your blog. My only comment would be that

A) if you are promoting a photo of the year you at least pay the photographer for that photo, (sans the watermark)


B) at a minimum give the photographer credit to help promote what he does to help him achieve a return on his time investment.

No, I am not the photographer but know Mark well. You have good taste as I believe he is one of the best. And the photo is a classic.

Thanks again for taking the time in your day to post this blog. It is read often.

Take care and see you at the races.

Todd Robertson
Skins Racing