Evans and Deer Trail have highest participates in 08

Probably no surprise here, one of the most prestigous hill climbs, Mt Evans in the country and one of the most "scenic" road races, Deer Trail too have the highest numbers on entrants in 08.

Evans = 1004
Deer Trail = 667

I think the fact that Deer Trail scored so high really eludes to the fact that we are in desperate need of road races. No blame is being put on anyone because I can imagine the difficulty in putting on any race let alone a road race, but to see that a race in WAY out east in no mans land Colorado has the second highest number of racers and Hugo isn't too far behind in high number of participates says something about our dedication to the sport we love.

Thanks again to the folks at the ACA for providing us with this data

See all of the 08 road participation here

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Need For RR's

Thanks for posting.

I agree we need more RR's, however we need more quality RR's. Deer Trail has amazing #'s, but after that it really falls off. Part of Deer Trails’ good # are the April date. Everyone wants to race in April, but most hammer heads are bunt late July. Salida and Rist Canyon's only hit #'s that are about average for all ACA events. Too bad we no longer have the Unaweep Canyon RR in Junction, more RR's in Colorado Springs (Air Force Academy or Garden Of the Gods) and some of the RR's that were in Larimer county (like Buckeye a long time ago).

The largest #'s consistently are the big time crits like AST, Wheels Of Thunder, Coal Miners, Niwot, Longmont, and Bannock.