1995 Boulder Roubaix

The Boulder-Roubaix Road Race was a little more realistic than
usual this year due to the 38F temperature and falling snow.
Rishi Grewal won the Pro-1-2-3 race by dropping his three
breakaway companions with two laps to go and went on to win
by over four minites. The race was held on an eight mile circuit,
80% of which is dirt. No cobbles, but plenty of Boulder County

1. Rishi Grewal, Klein
2. Jorge Espinosa, Ciao
3. Wayne Roth, CTTC
4. Chris Wherry, Ciao
5. Mike Hegdal, Dyno
6. Tim Rutherford
7. Luke Middleton, U of Colorado
8. Christian McCarthy
9. Dave Aschwanden, One World Velo
10. Roger Cox, GS-Boulder

Julia Fulwyler soloed away from the an early break of four to
win the 32 mile womens race.

1. Julia Fulwyler
2. Lisa Fischer-Wade, Colorado Majic
3. Brenda Black, CWCT
4. Becky Browning, BWCT
5. Autumn Cisneros, Team Tucker
6. Sherri Smith, BWCT
7. Anne Dillon, BWCT

Bob Bieterman fulfilled his great promise, breaking away on
the fourth of five laps with his humble domestique Bret Wade.
Also known as "Bobolini" to those that have seen him sprint,
"Bobio" to those that have seen his new haircut, and "Shaver"
to those that have noted his rapid transition from the mountain
circuit to the road, Bieterman won his first ever road race
with a dominant style seldom witnessed on the Colorado Master's

1. Bob Bieterman, Western Orthopedic/Le Peep
2. Bret Wade, Western Orthopedic/Le Peep
3. Jim Dunlop, SCVC/Trek
4. Tom Nelson
5. Mac Caldwell, Chipper's
6. Steve Crowley, Peak Racing

Blake "little mac" Caldwell won the Junior's race.

1. Blake Caldwell

The only action from the 3-4 race that came to my attention
was some rather ungentalmanly behavior directed at some
women who were on the course at the same time. Is it any
wonder most of them are unattached?

1. Rob Coppolillo, Ciao
2. Andrew Bayadali, unattached
3. William Hudak, unattached
4. Travis Dixon, unattached
5. Greg Tromley, unattached

Citizen Men:

1. Brian Ellis, Golden
2. Chance Cook, Vail
3. David Newell
4. Eric Malsgren
5. Todd Ovard, Denver

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