Riding the extremes - it’s all about . . . the water!

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109 degrees end of June

By Lauren Greenfield

It’s hot. 103 recently broke a record. You want to get your hours in. You need to get your miles in. And that same indoor trainer that you use from November through March and then again in May just isn’t looking too appealing.

I say get out and RIDE. Just be smart. Do a Tour D’eau around Boulder County. Some of my faves:

Boulder Cyclist Killed in Hit and Run

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UPDATE 6/27/16 The Boulder Daily Camera reports, "Police officers said they found a 30-pack of beer with only five cans left unopened in the car of the driver suspected of hitting and killing a cyclist in Boulder County over the weekend, who one witness said was also "hysterically laughing" after the crash..."

303Radio: Haute Route Rockies

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This series of European-style stage races is coming to the U.S., and the Colorado Rockies will host the first event in 2017.

This past week a select group of a dozen pre-rode the stages to work out logistics like feed zones, traffic, and the best "breath-taking" routes.

Featured here on 303Radio, Road Bike Action Magazine Editor Neil Shirley checks in after day 3 of the Rocky Mountain Haute Route test ride. The first stage is in Boulder, and the entire route will be announced next month...

Commuting BEYOND Bike-to-Work Day

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Tomorrow's Bike-to-Work Day could be the first day of a great new habit.

At this year's Colorado Bike Expo, we had a terrific Commuting Panel presentation comprising local cycling aficionados providing all the tricks of the trade.

Here is a recap of two of our panelists, to help you make tomorrow's yearly event more of a regular thing in your life...

Haute Route Is Coming: A Preview Ride

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All photos: Courtesy of Mavic Haute Route Rockies

By Scott Downes

As the clock ticked past an hour straight of climbing above Boulder on Saturday morning, I chuckled about the fact that, in more than a decade of living and biking in Colorado, I had somehow never ridden the iconic climb I was suffering on now. Or the fast, flowing canyon descent that followed. Or the gravel rollers that came after that, dry and scorching in the midday sun. . .


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