Shine Bright Like a Diamond, Cyclists... (days are getting shorter)

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From the Hottman Law Office, P.C.
September and October are the very best months to be outside here in Colorado. While it remains warm, it is not intensely hot. The leaves change colors, there is that crisp cool snap in the air when you wake in the morning, it rarely rains or storms, and it is predictably sunny and gorgeous almost daily.

Looking to own a race, USA Pro Challenge may be up for sale

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From the Denver Post

Rick Schaden, who launched the Pro Challenge in 2011 with a promise of a five-year commitment, said he does not foresee selling but does hope to keep the race afloat.

"This is not a sellable race, in my opinion," he said. "We will be working the phones real hard for a little more government support and a little more support from cities that benefit."

Boulder staff recommends to scale back some right-sizing

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From the DailyCamera

Boulder officials are now recommending that the City Council significantly scale back the controversial "right-sizing" experiment by restoring much of Folsom Street to its previous status, with two driving lanes in both directions between Canyon Boulevard and Spruce Street.

City Manager Jane Brautigam and Boulder transportation planning staff members made the recommendation Thursday.


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