2016 CYCLO X SERIES CHANGES brought to you by Without Limits Productions

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photo: 5280Elite

We might still be washing off the mud from this past weekend’s CYCLO X Series Championships, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to announce some big changes for next year. Over the season we’ve gotten to know many of you personally, and we appreciate all your support and feedback to keep making tweaks and improvements over the years. In an effort to constantly improve the athlete experience we’re excited to announce three big changes for 2016...

Jefferson County PASSED 4-foot Bike Lanes

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Jefferson County Board of Commissioners just approved the new road template!!! It calls for 4 foot bike shoulders on new or redesigned roads that are part of the master Jeffco bike plan already in place. HUGE win for cyclists and those who feel cycling is a vital part of our community. Advocacy, emails and phone calls DO work and seemed to play a significant role in the heated discussion with commissioners...

2015 - Bike Black Friday with Bicycle Adventures

The day after Thanksgiving is often accompanied by a vague feeling of regret over that second piece of pie and the call to join everyone else heading to the nearest shopping mall. The throngs of people in stores mean the many trails Boulder has to offer are even more peaceful than usual. This year, you can indulge in a third piece of pie with a clear conscience because Bicycle Adventures is calling on all cyclists in Boulder to spend Black Friday on their bikes... & win a free Orbea Carpe Urban Flat-Bar Road Bike!

2016 - Prestige Imports Vuelta a Dillon

20, 60 and 90 mile fondo style road cycling event slated for August 13th 2016
Riders mark your calendars for the 5th annual Prestige Imports Vuelta a Dillon Fondo style road event. If you plan on watching the U.S. Pro Challenge, start the week off by riding some of the best roads in Summit County in this fondo style event.
Register now and save 50% on your event entry!

The Amy D Foundation: Amazing Raffle, Amazing Cause

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By Cheri Felix

Every once in awhile we find a cause that fuels us. That propels us to do good. Makes us do well by others.

It is beyond apparent that Amy Dombroski* made people feel something. Feel enough that now that she is gone people want to do good both in her name and in the spirit of who she was. "The Amy D. Foundation encourages and supports young women through cycling, inspiring the celebration of healthy challenges and empowering the confident pursuit of lofty dreams."

Read the FAQ's below about this amazing raffle. But it's more than a raffle. . .

Bird's Eye View Project: Endurance for Veterans

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This amazing story is brought to 303 by Colorado's Shelby Katz - mountain biker, triathlete, past 303 Contributor, bike thief slayer, and general excellent citizen. Shelby is one of the original members of the Bird's Eye View Project (BEVP) Team, and will be traveling to Alaska in 2017 to help with the stunts. . .
Being able to run for 100 miles (or more), or climbing every 14’er in Colorado without a break, to me, is crazy, but to that athlete, it gives them joy, accomplishment, the ability to say, yes, I can. Whatever the motivation, insight into an endurance athlete is not all that easy to figure out, but with Ryan Parrott, AKA the Birdman, it’s a bit easier because his motivation is on others in need.

Coaching Tips: Making Every Workout Count

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By USAC Level 2 and TrainingPeaks Level 1 certified ALP Cycles Coach and Owner Alison Powers

For most of us, we don’t have 15-25hrs each week to train and ride our bike. We have to make the most of what time to train we have. For this reason each training ride or workout session must be quality. The secret, then, is knowing if your ride or workout really was good quality, or if you were just going through the motions...

303 Turns a Page, Announces Shift in Leadership

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Thompson steps down, Willett takes helm

Founder of 303cycling.com enters semi-retirement; 303Triathlon editor takes over company management

BOULDER, Colo. (November 11, 2015)

The 303 news entities, 303cycling.com and 303Triathlon.com, announce a change in ownership and management of the websites dedicated to cycling and multisport news for the state of Colorado...


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